You may use anything you like as a tag on your Photo Strip. It must be a “.bmp”  (Bitmap) file 640 x 480 if you wish to provide a tag. If you are choosing a tag on this website, please follow the instructions below.

When choosing a tag for your Photo Strip, please reference the number below the tag. Let us know which font you prefer.  You get two lines of information to use. Usually the top line is the event name or party host(s) (bride & groom, birthday person, etc.). Bottom line is usually the date either in numbers (8-14-19) or month and day spelled out (August 14, 2019). Please remember that the entire tag area is 2” x 1”.

We promise to work with you to personalize each printout with your monogram (above or submit one), engagement portrait, or any message.

font 1

font 2