by tbm2421

As I am sure you are aware of what a photo booth is, you know the large booths with a curtain like door you see at the movie theater or the mall, that you and your friends jump into and make silly faces and receive a strip of pictures. Well Photo booths weren’t always what they are today. Just like everything else technology has changed, photo booths use to be large, only cost a quarter, and very slow. Lets go back to the beginning when the first photo booth was introduced into the United State.

The first photo booth to make an appearance in America was in New York City in 1925. Broadway was pleased to own the title of presenting the first working photo booth since Paris tried in 1889, which was a failure. Needless to say New York was a shining star with its new and popular creation. New York’s photo booth was only cost 25 cents and would produce 8 pictures in a whopping 10 minutes. These booths would fit one to two people inside but were very large and bulk on the outside.  Before the technology of digital camera came around photos were chemically developed. Photo booths were no different, this is why it look 10 minutes to spit out or pictures unlike the few second its takes today.

The style of pictures you would get out of a photo booth have not really changed expect there are more options today. Traditionally there are 4 vertical photos that are 40mm long and 205mm high.

Now photo booths are portable, produce pictures in second, print black/whit and color and with all the options its no wonder why the fad of renting them for a wedding or party happened. They are perfect for having a great time with friends and family. They are fun and silly and when props are added there is not doubt you will want to rent it again. Photo booth rentals are available for practically any event and at a price that will fit anyone’s budget.

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